The Backstory: Charlotte Rosario, the creator of The Focus, truly fell in love with photography and the idea to change the world just when the world seemed to fall apart in early 2020. She originally loved hosting intimate “photoshoots” with her friends, but the world seemed to be frazzled with too many urgent issues for her to solely be pointing her camera at her friends. That year, with her camera dangling around her neck, she urged her mother to drive her from corner to corner of the Bay Area, and while she was only an amateur photographer, she shimmied her way into the action of lionhearted protests, election voting centers, and community volunteer events to not only show her support for the causes, but capture it all in photos.

Today, her mission is to continue exploring the world for its injustices, and she believes that it starts with capturing it in photos.


Charlotte is a rising 9th Grader in the Bay Area, and runs cross country and plays soccer for her school. She is an active member of her community through photography, where annually, she hosts a Photoshoot-Fundraiser during the summer through her photography business and chooses a charity that 100% of the profits will go towards. Last summer, she raised well over $800 to treat First Responders at her local hospital and support the Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Cruz (an area that had recently experienced a devastating wildfire). When she’s not at school or jogging around her neighborhood, she runs a family photography business and donates half of her profits to local charities or causes in the community. Recently, it's been the Arctic Ice Project in Redwood City, which is working to use technology for arctic ice that will help decarbonize our atmosphere. She loves coding, web and graphic design, debate, and, of course, volunteering around her community.